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Solutions for fresh Meat preparations

For fresh meat products, in our opinion, the main requirements that a blend must meet are: high quality and genuineness; improvement of product shelf-life; brilliant color; unique flavor; heady scent and bacterial control.

We have different lines able to respect the sensitivity of the consumer and any food intolerances. We also guarantee complete and personalized solutions to allow you to create the desired product.


For the processing of fresh meat preparations, we offer high-performance technological solutions, also in terms of Clean Label. Thanks to the perfect knowledge of the context in which we operate, we welcome the main challenges of our customers by ensuring our
maximum support to achieve excellent results together.

BEST SELLER: Mix burger, Roxan, Gamma, Prosol and Starter Culture “Mitfer” line.

Spices, herbs and mixes

Luganega, Salamella, Toscana, Cervellatina, Sousissa… these are just a few of the many traditional Italian sausages. From spicy to sweet; from smoked to fennel. And more… from peppery to garlicky and from natural to paprika.

From the North of Italy to the Sud there is a heterogeneity of flavors and traditions when it comes to fresh sausage. In Fratelli Pagani, thanks to the immense know – how built up in over 110 years of activity, we not only offer mixes, herbs and spices to support you in handing down traditional flavors, but above all we study the best solutions to anticipate the main national and international market trends.

BEST SELLER: Droga hamburger, Droga Arrosti, Droga Emiliana. Wide range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes – Also 100% Organic version.

Complete blends

We offer complete blends of functional part and aroma. These blends are studied to give taste, flavor and juiciness to the finished product in a unique and smart solution, respecting the wholesomeness and genuineness of the product.

BEST SELLER: Mix “classic sausage” and Complete Fresh Blend.


Do you have a special project in mind? Do you need to include only “Natural Flavors” in your products, without allergens? Or do you simply want guarantees of quality and good taste? Fratelli Pagani assures high performing, technological and tasty flavors, both in liquid and powder form, thanks to the internal department specialized in the production of Flavors and Flavor Blends.

BEST SELLER: Marrow Flavor, Meat Flavor (different flavor intensities), Milk Substitute Flavor, SMK Flavor, Natural Umami Enhancer


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