Prodotti | Soluzioni biologiche


A treasure represented by organic ingredients created exclusively for the food industry: over 100 high quality references; certified products coming from periodically controlled supply chains. This and much more is what we offer with Cerreto Bio Amanti del Biologico, a fundamental part of the Fratelli Pagani S.p.a. Group since 2015.

Wide certified offer for strictly organic preparations.

With 5000 square meters of plant and 8 lines of mixing and packaging, we can offer a wide range of agri-food products, all 100% organic, working in total respect for life and the environment. In this perspective, our plant is powered by solar energy thanks to our photovoltaic system.


Our Research & Development department is constantly updating our product range, following a careful analysis of the eating habits of our target consumers and always looking ahead to new market trends. We have studied specific 100% organic functional solutions ideal for the processing and transformation of food products, such as meat or fish preparations.


Thanks to our internal Aroma Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create the desired aroma by expertly mixing different molecules together. As a result of years of study and analysis, today we offer genuine, natural and 100% organic flavors with the objective of enriching the taste of the finished product. In powder or liquid version, we proactively respond to the different needs of national and international markets, in compliance with the regulations in force.

Herbs and spices

We operate in compliance with specific international regulations, guaranteeing consumers products that comply with the principles of quality and food safety, including a wide range of Herbs and Spices. Organic Certification has always been our essential standard and every day we work with passion and dedication to achieve new goals. Among these we can boast to have obtained the BRC Food and IFS Food certifications, achieved with the highest level.

Gourmet line

For 100% organic and natural preparations, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge gourmet choices: mixes, veg -burger preparations, sauces and tasty plant -based drinks.