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for 110 years we have been creating the emotion of made in Italy by offering exclusive flavors and healthy ingredients.


Consolidate the leadership on the Italian market, affirming the solid experience in the food industry sector, with a great boost to internationalization. To represent the right combination of tradition and innovation that translates into proximity to customers and the service offered to companies by creating customized solutions and performance, increasingly oriented to a market in continuous transformation.


Be a key player in the international market, developing innovative and technological solutions.
Through high-performance and sustainable products, coherent with the new market trends, to promote diversification in compliance with the healthy lifestyle of consumers. Become a trendsetter, without ever forgetting the roots of the Italian food tradition.


Strong corporate culture

The customer is focus of Fratelli Pagani’s attention, radically structured on the basis of ethics, respect for values, people and corporate culture.


Ability to manage time and resources optimally allows us to offer a service in line with customer requests, anticipating needs and providing effective responses.

Innovative attitude

Constant investments in employee training, in the modernization of technologies, production processes and in the methodology, allow us to be always in line with the evolution of the industrial environment with the goal to be highly competitive on the market.

Concreteness and guarantee of continuity

Over 100 years of success and the same family driving the company are a guarantee of continuity and solidity over time.


Over 100 professionals, one goal: excellence.

“Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. is a Company empowered by People” this is the welcome expression that you can find at the headquarters entrance and that well summarizes the company philosophy.
At the direction, the same family of entrepreneurs for over 100 years: this is a clear guarantee of continuity and commitment that guides a skilled team of specialists who, with the same dedication and expertise, realize the company mission.
The continuous updating and the balance of different business functions are the basis of a structured organization that works daily to provide the best solutions and a prompt and passionate service to national and international customers.


The promotion of a synergistic relationship at all levels of the company organization, both internally and externally, determines our success and full customer satisfaction.


Knowledge, experience, training, and constant updating. Each project involves our skilled and qualified experts dedicated to develope customized and innovative solutions.


Listening and analysis are needed to finalize each project and well understand the customer’s needs by providing an appropriate service.


The continuous improvement and the efficiency of production inputs are part of the company’s activities and are expressed in the working methods and in the professional growth.

Ethical Principles

Compliance project:
a concrete help to improve more and more.

The Ethical Commitment of Fratelli Pagani S.p.A.: transparency, responsibility and shared growth.

Our company is distinguished by a deep-rooted ethical commitment, rooted in the awareness of our role and the social responsibility it entails. This daily commitment admits no exceptions and is clearly reflected in all facets of our business.

One of the fundamental pillars of our corporate philosophy is the ‘Code of Ethics and Conduct’, a document shared and signed not only by the owners but also by every single employee and collaborator. This code is not just a set of rules, but an integral part of the contractual regulations established with our valued suppliers. The aim is to create an environment in which ethics and respect are perceived as indispensable cornerstones of our operations.

In order to ensure maximum transparency and protection, we have adopted the “231 Model“, based on accredited and internationally recognized certifications. This model is designed to ensure maximum protection for our customers by demonstrating our commitment to standards of excellence.

We recognise that, despite our best efforts, discrepancies may arise in the implementation of the principles enshrined in our Code of Ethics. That is why we make the EthicPoint service available to anyone who encounters such situations. This independent and certified platform guarantees maximum privacy and protection for those who decide to report non-compliant behavior.

On the EthicPoint platform, you will also find a dedicated toll-free number for direct contact and personalised support. The reports we receive from you will not be seen as criticism, but as a tool for growth and improvement. Every report will be handled in accordance with our strict privacy policies, in compliance with Italian and European data protection regulations (GDPR, Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments).

For those who wish to learn more about our ethical vision, we invite you to download a full copy of our Code of Ethics.

For those who wish to submit an anonymous report through the EthicPoint platform, we invite you to click here.

We believe that only through transparency, accountability and active listening can we build a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone involved in our dynamic company.

Please consult the Whistleblowing Policy Summary here

Five generations,
a unique passion

In Milan, in via Spallanzani, between Porta Venezia quarter, a little grocery store of the brothers Filippo and Francesco Pagani was born, dedicated to sell colonial products. Some time later, with great intuition and initiative, the brothers started the “Fratelli Pagani” Company in an internal courtyard of Viale Monza. The business focused on the purchase of spices (in Italy) for the citizens of Milan who wanted to try something new and “exotic” to enrich traditional Milanese cuisine.

Although the wars and the challenges of the time, the two brothers, with the help of Olga Pagani, continued the business with profit. The best clients together with the staff and suppliers’ spirit gave a great boost to the company. The supply of raw materials took place through the European traders of the port of Rotterdam and some spices arrived from all over the world, especially from the Dutch and English colonies.

With the last war over, and the renewed desire of Milan and Italy to return to a new life, Fratelli Pagani went from being a small and traditional grocery store to a structured company capable of satisfying an ever-increasing demand for its products. The customers are more and more food companies, especially in the meat processing sector.
In 1958 Giovanni Cardazzi, Olga Pagani’s son, joined the company, contributing to its growth and success on the market. It was in 1978 that Marco Cardazzi joined the company as a stockman: he was the fourth generation.
The company’s growth had led to the search for larger spaces: in 1979 the company moved to its current headquarters in Via Ennio, in the semi-central quarter in Milan.

In the 80’s the number of business trips to discover new suppliers and new spices increased: in particular to the areas of origin and production of raw materials, to learn all the secrets behind the quality of different types of spices.

The national market required more and more attention, so Fratelli Pagani decided to expand its sales-network in these years. Moreover, it added an important step to its development, with the creation of an internal laboratory dedicated to the quality control of raw materials. Francesco Cardazzi joined the company and a new production line for semi-final products was started.

In these years, the company grows and decides to start new purchasing channels, specifically, through direct import from the growers at the origin.

Years of consolidation and attention to internal processes. In 1999, as a confirmation of the orientation towards quality, the company obtained the certification of the company quality system according to ISO 9001.

The 2000’s marked a further growth of the company, with the acquisition of Colombo N. Droghe, Spezie e Aromi in 2001. The company also began its expansion abroad with the creation of two branches in Romania (2002) and Slovenia (2004).

The expansion continued with the acquisition of the company Amino Ingredients in 2007 and the opening of the third branch in Eastern Europe: in Croatia (2007).

The year 2014 saw the entry of the fifth generation in the company with Valentina Cardazzi, committed first of all to marketing and communication strategies, then also to commercial development initiatives abroad.
These are the years in which Fratelli Pagani acquired Cerreto Amanti del Biologico, a company dedicated to the production and sales of 100% organic ingredients and acquired 46% of Collina Toscana, active in the world of spices for retail for a large-scale consumption. In 2017, new logistic and warehouse spaces were acquired in Milan to transfer the spice warehouse and create the internal Flavour Departement, with the aim of offering a precious service to Clients.

The jump overseas was made in 2018: was inaugurated the American branch. In this way, the sales and technical network was also strengthened outside Europe, with an overall network that reached 100 people. In the meantime, Mattia Cardazzi joined the group to manage Cerreto Amanti del Biologico, in the Reggio Emilia office.


Five generations, one passion
At a time of great ambitions and challenges, the company was going through a phase of international expansion, announcing with great pride the opening of its new branch in Murcia, Spain.
The birth of Fratelli Pagani Iberica, a project carried out by Valentina Cardazzi, represented the beginning of a new era. With the new Spanish subsidiary, there was a considerable expansion of production capacity in the Spanish territory, and a guarantee of greater market coverage and presence.
At the same time, the company enriched its knowledge and skills through the study and development of new and exclusive formulas in the Iberian tradition.

With a history of more than a hundred years and a structure with great operational capacity, we have the ambition to face and conquer the challenges of new trends and new markets requests. Together with our Customers.


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