Prodotti | Soluzioni per pasta


Spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables, and flavorings. A unique offer, also in 100% organic version. An added value for all salty and tasty food preparations, such as stuffed pasta and in general the whole Savoury world. Thanks to a deep-rooted experience and productive versatility, the company is able to offer a wide range of solutions to satisfy the most different clients’ needs.

Innovative proposals for pasta and savoury industry.

We offer products and solutions for the entire whole food industry in compliance with the food safety standard: BRC. To satisfy the requests of an increasingly global and sustainable consumption we also offer selected ranges, certified HALAL, KOSHER and ORGANIC. In addition, our control of selected raw materials at origin always ensures excellent products.

Ideal solutions for the production of:

  • Bakery Products
  • Pasta
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Salted Snacks
  • Gastronomic Products
  • Oils

Conventional and
organic spices

The ingredient that gives an extra boost.
From the most common to the most exotic spices, they have always been widely used both in cooking and in the food industry. From pepper, the authentic king of all spices, to the rarest ones available in different grain sizes, powder, flakes or whole. Fratelli Pagani with different technologies is able to meet every every market need.

and organic herbs

The scent of nature. 
A wide selection of herbs and blends to enrich the preparations with a unique and genuine taste  preparations, to the delight of even the most demanding palates. Ideal for exclusive seasonings, to put yourself to the test and experiment with new combinations. Exquisite if combined with our spices and natural flavors.

Dehydrated conventional
and organic vegetables

A concentrate of flavor. 
Fragrant, rich in flavor and excellent quality: these are the three main characteristics of our dehydrated vegetables, skilfully selected and offered in single ranges. Available in different formats: flakes, slices, and cubes or in powder form to be used rehydrated as a condiment or in fillings.

Genuine and natural flavors

Unique flavors, fragrances and top notes.
Thanks to our internal Flavor Lab., we ensure the production of exclusive aromatic profiles, built with the most innovative technologies. We have over 1500 molecules through which we produce natural, genuine or biological encapsulated flavour resistant to thermal processes, available in liquid, paste, emulsion and powder.