Prodotti | Prodotti per carne


A complete, genuine and innovative range for the fish sector. We guarantee our customers targeted solutions: from functional ingredients to natural flavors; from the newest water -based marinades with an ethnic and allergen-free taste, to innovative super- crunchy breading!

A specific and creative range for fish-based products.


Our customers are increasingly demanding solutions for the processing and seasoning of seafood products and to produce ready-to-eat products that are easy to cook and above all healthy and of high quality.
In compliance with these requirements, over the years we have studied specific lines for the processing and transformation of fish products with the aim of increasing their competitiveness and quality.

What we offer:

  • Clean Label solutions for nutrition and health claims
  • Complete blends of Natural Flavors
  • Concentrated products for “Smart” dosing


Thanks to our internal Flavor Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create the desired aroma by expertly mixing different molecules together. As a result of years of study and analysis, we now offer genuine, natural and organic flavors with the aim of enriching the taste of fresh, canned or processed fish products. In powder or liquid form, from natural smoked aroma to lemon aroma, we proactively respond to the
different needs of national and international markets.

Herbs and spices

High quality, genuine and allergen free: this is our offer for excellent seafood products. Thanks to the supply of raw materials directly to the sources of origin, without the help of brokers, we boast of selected raw materials, tasty and always high-quality standards. We boast of a rich range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes, also in 100% Organic key.

Gourmet line

For a consumer who loves to mix flavors from the most traditional to the most spicy and Asian notes, we have studied a dedicated offer, created under the Pagani Chef brand.
Aimed at professionals who want to create healthy, gourmet and creative dishes, Pagani Chef’s offer consists of 6 product lines, including creamy oil -based marinades, water – based seasoning sauces, breading, flavors, spice blends and functional ingredients.