Prodotti | Soluzioni vegane


The health trend of vegan cuisine is one of the fastest growing food trends in recent years. Attention to sustainability and health has guided Fratelli Pagani towards the creation of certified products of excellent quality.

Solutions specifically created for vegan requests.


Thanks to the study of the most recent market trends, both national and international, our R&D department has recently developed balanced and complete blends to produce vegan products. Our goal is to offer natural functional ingredients, avoiding imbalances from a nutritional point of view. In the detail, we prefer “rich-in” and “low- in” blends.


Thanks to our intern al Aroma Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create the desired aroma by expertly mixing different molecules together. As a result of
years of study and analysis, today we offer genuine, natural and 100% organic flavors with the objective of enriching the taste of the finished product. In powder or liquid version, we proactively respond to the different needs of national and international markets, in compliance with the regulations in force.