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Solutions for Emulsified, Cooked, Cooked-smoked and Semi-smoked products

Wurstel and Pariser are just two of the most famous cooked -emulsified products, which from international food traditions, thanks to the gradual process of globalization, have significantly entered the Italian consumption as well.

It is fundamental to achieve excellent quality results in terms of homogeneity of the meat mixture and consistency of the finished cooked product. The protein level of the finished product is also of fundamental importance and this is achieved by standardizing production with appropriate ingredients and flavoring. For this purpose, we offer Mixes, Flavors and Genuine Ingredients.
We also guarantee you complete solutions of functional part and aroma to enable you to realize the desired product.


We offer specific ingredients to achieve high performance objectives, including perfect dough texture; improved emulsion stability even after cooking; water retention and
reduction of syneresis; increased emulsion viscosity; perfect thermal stability; fat reduction; ad -hoc solutions for replacing animal fats with vegetable fats.
An accurate work of selection and research of single food ingredients together with a continuous experimentation, result s in the creation of specific products, up to the most recent lines of allergen and GMO Free ingredients.

BEST SELLER: Viscogum, Fatex and Emulgum lines.

Spices, herbs and mixes

High quality, genuine and allergen free: this is our offer to enrich with taste excellent cooked -emulsified and smoked products. Thanks to the procurement of raw materials directly from the sources of origin, we boast selected raw materials with high quality standards.

BEST SELLER: Droga Subilme and wide range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes – Also in 100% Organic version.

Complete Blends

We have complete blends of functional part and aroma available. These complete mixes are designed to bring with a single formula: taste, flavour and structure to the finished product.
Discover our complete formulations enriched with herbs, spices and vegetable extracts ideal for enhancing emulsified products from the most subtle to the most spicy or peppery flavors. We can formulate through our Skybridge method complete customized blends based on the individual needs of the customer.

BEST SELLER: Kutmix line.


Thanks to our internal Flavor Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create versatile flavor profiles with the objective of enriching emulsified and smoked products with intense flavor and aroma, or with the objective of covering any off-notes. From the natural enhancer (substitute of monosodium glutamate) to the typical aromas of pork or chicken frankfurters, we proactively respond to the different needs of national and international markets.

BEST SELLER: “Meat” flavor lines (different flavor intensities), SMK flavor and Garlic flavor, Natural Umami Enhancer.


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