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Solutions for Dry Salami and Dry Sausages

Salami, with its ancient traditions and peculiar characteristics, is today one of the most loved raw -aged products by Italians, and not only. It is widely found on our tables: excellent if eaten alone or to enrich other dishes.

Milan, Felino, Naples: these are just some of the typical regional Italian salamis, different from each other in size, shape, color, taste, sweetness, and texture.
Aware of the long local, national and international traditions, in over 110 years of history we have been able to strengthen our expertise, formulating different lines for the
production of seasoned products, respecting the essential canons: color, texture, fragrance, and inhibition of contaminating microflora.
We offer technologically performing solutions for national and international customers. We configure ourselves as a successful partner for our Customers: this allows us to start customized projects and to realize exclusive products.


From artisan products to large industrial productions, we ensure high performance solutions for seasoned products. Our functional bases have been studied by our technological R&D department with the aim of guaranteeing the customer excellent performance an d quality results in all phases of production and seasoning of the product. In addition to the single functional bases, we offer complete and versatile mixes also available in NA version without allergens.

BEST SELLER: Mix Dry and Composal Line and Starter Culture “Mitfer” Line.

Spices, herbs and mixes

Among the most used ingredients for salami, we find garlic, black pepper, chili pepper, sweet paprika, fennel. Individually or in complete mixtures, we offer spices to produce salami respecting the peculiarities, tastes and local, national and international recipes.

BEST SELLER: Droga Felino, Droga Salami, Black Pepper (different grain sizes), Garlic in pulp or granules. Wide range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes – Also in 100% Organic version.

Complete blends

We offer complete blends of functional part and aroma. These blends are designed to give taste and structure to the finished product in a unique solution while respecting the healthiness and genuineness of the finished product. We can formulate through our Skybridge method complete, personalized and smart blends in order to allow standardization and optimization of the production and seasoning processes of the salami.

BEST SELLER: Mix Salame Campagnolo, Mix Salame Milano.


Thanks to our internal Flavor Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create multiple flavor profiles with the aim of enriching the taste of seasoned meat mixtures. We have at our disposal an exclusive palette of flavors, both in liquid and powder version with different top notes: from wine to walnut; from truffle to milk substitute flavor; from seasoned to spicy. Our encapsulated flavorings are resistant to different heat treatments, thus preserving their aromatic profile throughout the seasoning period and in
the finished product. Discover our natural flavors and Clean Label.

BEST SELLER: ‘Salami Flavors’ Lines, SMK Flavor, Natural Umami Enhancer.


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