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Solutions for mortadella

A product that evokes the ancient production of skilled hands. The quintessence of Italian cooked charcuterie.

A mixture of different cuts of meat, expertly mixed with cubes of lard to obtain a creamy mixture, to which salt, functional ingredients, flavors, spices and herbs are added at the end of the process… a poetry that has been renewed for centuries.
The secret lies in the perfect balance between taste and aroma combined with the combination of ingredients and care in the preparation.


The homogeneity of the mixture, the color, the lard that make up the classic white mosaic, the intense flavour and the compactness of the slice after cooking are the parameters that define the quality of mortadella. We offer functional ingredients to produce this typical Italian cured meat, respecting the different needs and quality standards.

BEST SELLER: Profi and Emulgum lines.

Spices, herbs and mixes

Pepper, pistachio, and garlic are the 3 main ingredients of mortadella “Bologna” Made in Italy and essential to give it its typical flavor. Thanks to the sourcing of raw materials directly from the sources of origin, without the help of brokers, we boast selected raw materials, tasty and with high quality standards.

BEST SELLER: Tanning for Bologna, black pepper (different grain sizes), pistachios (premium quality). Wide range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes – also 100% organic version.


Thanks to our in -house Aroma Laboratory, part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create multiple aroma profiles with the aim of enriching the taste of the Italian cured meat par excellence: bologna. From the natural mortadella aroma to the garlic flavour, we proactively respond to the different needs of national and international markets.

BEST SELLER: Bologna Aroma, Meat Aroma (different flavor intensities), Sublime Aroma, Natural Umami Enhancer.


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