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Solutions for Cooked, Injected
and Reconstituted products

Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked Ham) is one of the most appreciated Italian dely products in the world: light pink in color, with a thin border of fat, which contributes to the roundness of its flavor, delicate and characteristic, like the intense and unmistakable flavours.

It is a point product of the Italian charcuterie tradition, highly appreciated by today’s consumers both for its nutritional characteristics and its gastronomic versatility. There are also gourmet versions, such as “roasted” or “with herbs”.
We offer specific solutions to obtain multiple types of finished product, depending on the changing needs of the customer, such as taste, syringing percentages, or labeling.
requirements. From selected cooked ham to high quality, to allergen free: our solutions allow to obtain all the desired levels of product standards.
Not only the Italian and Traditional cooked ham: thanks to the different and transversal expertise of our internal departments, we ensure excellent finished products even abroad, where production methods, meats and traditions are totally different from the Italian ones.


We offer exclusive and complete lines to produce brine to be added to the product, ideal for all injection or absorption percentage. Our solutions are also ideal for “loss 0” products.
To meet the different needs of customers and consequently of the final consumer, Fratelli Pagani also offers natural versions without allergens (such as milk derivatives) or glutamate.

BEST SELLER: Star, Delta, Kappa and Kiln lines.

Spices, herbs and mixes

High quality, genuine and allergen free: this is our offer to enrich the taste of excellent cooked hams. Thanks to the procurement of raw materials directly from the sources of origin, we boast selected, tasty, and high quality standard raw materials.

BEST SELLER: Droga Arrosti, Herbs of Provence, and Droga Porchetta. Wide offer of Spices, Herbs and Blends – Also in 100% Organic version.

Complete blends

Complete solutions of functional part and aroma to meet every production requirements.
We can formulate complete innovative blends, according to the different market requests, thanks to the support of the advanced internal R&D, Flavors and C.Q. departments.
Through our Skybridge method we guarantee complete custom blends based on the individual needs of the customer.

BEST SELLER: Star and Delta lines.


Thanks to our internal Flavour dpt., part of the efficient Skybridge method, we can create the de sired aroma by expertly mixing different molecules together. As a result of years of study and accurate analysis, today we offer genuine, natural, and organic flavor with the aim of enriching the taste of cooked products. From the natural smoke aroma to the delicate cooked aroma, we proactively respond to the different needs of national and international markets.

BEST SELLER: Cooked Ham Flavors (different flavor intensities), SMK Flavor, Natural Umami Enhancer.


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