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Solutions for Dry Whole Muscle Products

We offer high performance solutions to produce whole salted and seasoned products, such as bresaola, coppa, capocollo, pancetta, speck, salted meat, game, raw ham, different in taste but similar in natural goodness and care for taste.

We guarantee you complete customized solutions to enable you to realize the desired product.


We have functional ingredients that allow for efficient production processes, bringing organoleptic improvements even in rapid production cycles. Also available in NA version without allergens.

BEST SELLER: Nitrasal and Composal Line, and Starter Culture “Mitfer”.

Spices, herbs and mixes

Drugs, pure spices and herbs – even in a 100% organic key – are ideal for enriching the flavor of raw products. Particularly appreciated for this category are the round notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, white or black pepper.

BEST SELLER: Droga Sublime, Droga for Speck, Droga for Bresaola. Wide range of Spices, Herbs and Mixes – Also in 100% Organic version.


In order to reinforce the aromatic profile of the raw material to be treated, numerous flavorings are available in liquid or powder form. In respect of high quality, good taste
and genuineness of the finished product, we offer different solutions also in Clean Label key.

BEST SELLER: Raw Ham Aroma, Meat Aroma (different taste intensities), Sangiovino Aroma, Natural Umami Enhancer.


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