Interview with the Fratelli Pagani MARKETING DEPARTMENT

How has your marketing strategy been oriented in this particular historical moment?

In this delicate moment in history, we primarily wanted to reassure our Customers about our modus operandi. We have worked in total safety and, if possible, with an extra gear, promptly informing Customers, suppliers and employees about all prevention and safety measures adopted in the Company, in compliance with the requirements of the competent Authorities.
In our department, and throughout the Company in a widespread manner, we immediately perceived that we were living in a particular, epochal period. Brainstorming is the word that best identifies that period: creativity without filters. We felt it was necessary to work on ourselves, our identity, our approach and our branding, marketing, and communication strategies.

We therefore activated a restyling that embraced the “Fratelli Pagani” brand, and the entire set of values and positioning that derive from it. Our objective was clear and shared: to innovate starting from our roots, making our quality and experience the foundations for a solid future. We worked on “Corporate Marketing” and on the positioning of the Fratelli Pagani and Pagani Chef brands.
As a result, we have worked on communication, both online and offline, in order to convey and bring out the best of the message that our brand wants to convey in full compliance with a targeted management strategy.

What are the directional values you have followed in this ‘evolutionary restyling’ phase?

The values that we are following in our department and that we have placed at the centre of our ‘evolutionary restyling’ process are different and run through several channels.

On the one hand, we have placed the Customer at the centre of our world, even more so than in the past, emphasising the importance of the customer experience, dedicating a great deal of attention and care to our Skybridge Method, an exclusive service offered by the Company included in the purchase of products; on the other hand, we have considered it our duty to emphasise the quality of our products and the professionalism of all our Staff. A synergy between departments and solutions that only a qualified and high-level company can ensure, with the ultimate goal of becoming a reliable partner for its Customers, belonging to different markets and sectors, both national and international.

So, we have given life to a complete restyling of our Corporate image that has embraced different communication channels, online and offline, highlighting a different approach to presenting ourselves to our target markets. A smarter, more impactful and modern language and a more up-to-date and innovative image will characterise our communication, reflecting our vision and mission.

Upcoming projects? What does the Company have on the ‘to do list’?

A prosperous future starts with meticulous sowing! Our sowing sees us active on several fronts, including Corporate diversification: meat but not only meat. Our passion for the Company’s core business (meat and cured meats) will never end, but thanks to our long years of experience, over 110, we are ready and open to new “worlds”, to new challenges, both from a technical and from an application point of view.

Another project: internationalisation. Borders are not an obstacle for us, on the contrary! During the pandemic period we had great satisfaction. We have never abandoned the Customer, we have worked as a team and achieved excellent results. Thanks to more than 60 webinars, targeted and focused on the specific needs of Customers (or prospects), in the last year we have been able to “travel” all over the world, from Spain to Eastern countries; from Italy to Russia, even flying over overseas borders. Many new projects and products were born precisely in this period.

Creativity, commitment, and passion are three adjectives that are indispensable in our work, and in this particular period of history, our department has been able to turn a possible threat into a golden opportunity: a boost towards a bright future.

…You will soon see us at two major fairs: Meat-Tech in October 2021 and iMeat in September 2021! We look forward to seeing you.

Valentina Cardazzi

Maria Vittoria Del Vecchio

Ilaria Lombardi 



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