This completely natural line includes ingredients, flavours and mixtures that are totally allergen-free, clean-label, organic and concentrated to allow a smart dosage.

In addition, we offer a complete line of Starter Cultures, which is perfect to guarantee a perfect protection of the product and an extension of its shelf life.

This line also includes the new Natural Flavours, studied by our “X-Flavour” Flavours Lab., created to add natural notes of taste.

Here is a list of some of the new flavours:
– MIX DRY PUPA 17143: natural aroma with functional effect and a taste of milk without allergens, designed for mortadella and salami.
– AROMA SMK NAT 44011: natural aroma without smoke derivatives, ideal to replace the classic smoke flavour.
– AROMA SANGIOVINO 43039 / AROMA LQ. SANGIOVINO 43089: natural aroma ideal for all applications if you want to replace the wine powder. ideal in meat, sauces and gastronomy.
– ENHANCER UMAMI NATURAL 46130: natural enhancer of the taste and flavour of all meat products, replacing glutamate.

A good offer to make you feel good!