Fratelli Pagani S. p. A. Company inaugurates the new headquarters in the USA

In over 100 years of constant growth, development and innovation in the Food sector (production and processing of exclusive flavours and ingredients for meat processing), the expertise of Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. Company has been translated into a wide range of specific products, which respond to the needs of a dynamic and constantly developing reality.

Too much external variables, just one constant: the passion for our work that allows us to offer not just a range of different products (to meet the needs of a market in continuous evolution), but also to become something more than just a Dealers: a Partner, a point of reference for our Customers. Our main goal is to establish a strong and lasting relationship, based on a mutual collaboration and strategic interaction.

The mission remained stable over the years, thanks to the constant work of 5 generations that with great pride created a unique and continuous management style, maturing an accurate knowledge of the market, the needs of consumers.

We ensure to our consumers Personal support and Customised Solutions through “Skybridge” Program: a “bridge” in which technical assistance, product knowledge and cutting-edge technologies are combined to offer Tailor-Made solutions through those 4 stages:

 “SkyBRIDGE C. Q.” Quality Analysis and Certification department
• “SkyBRIDGE X-flavour” Flavour department
 “SkyBRIDGE TECH” Technical staff for directly in the customer’s company
• “SkyBRIDGE R&D” Research and development department

Building on this immense know-how built up over the years, we are proudly and decisively launching the year 2018 with a new challenge: the expansion beyond European borders, reaching the United States of America: the venue where we celebrate the recent inauguration of the new headquarters at 9123 MEDILL AVENUE – FRANKLIN PARK, CHICAGO – STATO ILLINOIS.

Fratelli Pagani USA Inc. aims to bring the values of the parent company to America with great personal commitment (high quality standards of its products, customer care, honesty, integrity and long-term thinking, leadership and individual responsibility), interpreting the tastes and needs of American consumers.

Knowing and respecting our Customer are essential actions to be able to grow in this diverse and stimulating market, also ensuring a rapid on-site service thanks to the efficiency of qualified Staff.

The new American headquarters will always remain under the management’s control in Italy: the Staff, in fact, while being open-minded to approach the reality of the American market, will bring all the wealth of knowledge acquired in the Italian headquarters. A great team ready for every new challenge.

The next step will therefore be to expand in America a solid commercial network to ensure a constant service to the US customer: agents and distributors throughout the territory, to lay solid foundations for a mutual growth.