Thanksgiving Day is one of the most heartfelt celebrations in the United States. A Christian and peasant festival that originated in 1621 when the first settlers of North America and the Pilgrim Fathers gathered in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to thank the Lord for their first harvest. They had landed in the New World on the Mayflower in the winter of 1620 after crossing the Atlantic Ocean to escape the religious persecution suffered in England, predominantly Calvinist. In 1863, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the celebration of Thanksgiving, which became an annual feast and gradually lost its Christian content.

For Americans, Thanksgiving is the most important festivity of the year, along with July 4 and Christmas; a celebration known worldwide thanks to movies and tv series in which is represented most often as an opportunity to gather at home with friends and family around the famous turkey to thank for what you have.

The flavors and products of the Fratelli Pagani enrich the culinary traditions of the world

Turkey is surely the undisputed king of the Thanksgiving table; although in recent times alternative and creative suggestions have been proposed to satisfy those who by choice or health need vegan and vegetarian dishes, stuffed turkey has always been the main course and requires careful preparation. Thanks to its nutritional peculiarities, turkey meat is a perfect ally for health and physical well-being at any age (children, adults and the elderly) and for any lifestyle, including sportiness, within a balanced diet. If meat in general is identified as a source of fat, especially saturated, the fat content of white meat, such as turkey, is rather low.

Fratelli Pagani accompanies all the culinary traditions of the world, not only Italian ones; to make unique the taste of turkey meat, the company has developed a wide range of flavors and aromas as high-performance solutions with respect to the raw material; conventional vegetables and organic seasonings; a mix of herbs and spices from selected sources; natural aromas from grilled and smoked profiles to those more round and delicate.  In addition, to make the offer even more exclusive, thanks to the Skybridge method Fratelli Pagani Spa assists the customer in the development of highly customized solutions.

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Fratelli Pagani chooses Eurocryor: a winning alliance to promote taste, design and functionality
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