Community, networking, engagement, like, share, digital, social, content, APP, branding… we’re constantly full of an infinity of new terms, new communication messages, new social or channels to communicate to the “outside world” and for companies to advertise a new product and/or service.

Networking is the key that enables us to get valuable help from others and to achieve our personal and professional goals.


Social networks are defined as “virtual squares” that allow people to get in touch with each other by breaking down all kinds of borders and time limits. Geographical boundaries disappear as social networks allow you to communicate and share your life with users from all over the world.

To become part of a community, all you must do is register online and form long-distance relationships, create new friendships, communicate and chat at any time of day with anyone, at any time, without any constraints.

  • More than two-thirds of the world’s population uses a mobile phone, an increase of 100 million in the last 12 months (+1.9%), bringing the total to 5.29 billion people.
  • Almost 4.9 billion people use the Internet, about 62%, an increase of 220 million people in the last year (+4.8%)
  • Some 4.55 billion people use social platforms, an increase of more than 400 million people over the past 12 months (+9.9%), or more than a million people a day
  • The new milestone reached by users of social platforms, which exceed 4.5 billion, thanks to an increase of 10% YoY.

A research conducted by Buzzoole (a martech company specialising in technology and services for Influencer Marketing), highlights the product categories that generated the most content, between October 2020 and January 2021, in relation to Christmas purchases. The category that produced the most posts and interactions was Food&Drinks (35.13%), followed by Fashion (30.81%) and Beauty (12%).

Based on a database of more than 2 million profiles and 250 million pieces of content on five different social channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok), it emerged that Instagram was the most used channel with 78.11% of interactions, followed by Facebook and Twitter.


4 simple rules governing our social media

  1. We are social

It’s fundamental for us to be present on social networks, and respond and support our interlocutors. It would be equivalent to leaving a conversation unanswered in real life. People who have taken the time to leave us a comment, a review or an email are to be taken very seriously.

  1. We post real and quality topics

Our content follows a clear communication strategy, giving value to each piece of content. Quality must be the essential rule for each post. We take care of quality image (especially now after a brilliant restyling phase of our corporate image) and quality content: the content is real, available, truthful.

  1. Tone of voice 

The philosophy of ‘less is more’ is often the right way to work for us. We speak the same language of our users.

  1. Target

We know our audience and we love to know new realities and new worlds, by breaking down social and geographical boundaries, with social networks.

Our customer is at the centre of our community!

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