Pagani Chef

Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. means “evolution within tradition”.

With this perspective, in 2004 Pagani Chef Line was created with a clear mission: introducing a fine technique of “Convenience Food” preparation in the Italian Market and to promote the Typical Italian Butcher’s Shop concept in the World.

The horizon of Pagani Chef is wide: from the main Target - Butcher’s Shop - it has reached also the Fish Shop, Delicatessen and Restaurants.


On our official catalogue, website and APP we offer more than 200 recipes with a lot of useful tips. These tools were designed to give you the opportunity to free your creativity through our products.
As a part of the world of Pagani Chef you will benefit from the on-site technical support and from the tailor-made training with the support of our Official Dealers.

Gustosì Pagani

Condiments and Decorating

Preservation and Flavouring

Breading and Fried Foods