Mortadella: a word reminiscent of skilful hands and countryside traditions. It could be defined as the epitome of Italian cooked sausages.

It is a combination of pork and beef, hashed, ground and interlarded in order to obtain a creamy blend, to which salt, additives and flavourings are added at the end of the process... A poetry that has been renewing itself for centuries.

The secret lies in a perfect balance of taste and aroma as much as in the mix of ingredients and a very specific cooking.

Binding and emulsifying agents

Our product lines include several types of emulsifying agents (MIX EMULSIONI) which contain the basic ingredients (salt, additives, polyphosphates, casein salt or soy) necessary to produce this typical sausage. They are available as milk products and as GM-free products.


In order to enhance product colour, natural extracts and natural colouring agents are available, to be added directly to the mixture. Specific products are Aroma Sandalo (Sandal Flavour) 45223, Aroma Paprika (Paprika Flavour) 45023 - 45041 and Rosso Carm (Carmine Red) 45019.

Specific seasonings

Seasoning mixes are among Fratelli Pagani's strong points, be they in liquid or in powder form, as they can be used to characterize and customise the products.
The various types of seasoning differ as to the extent to which they influence the flavour and taste acquired by the cold cuts.

Aromatic notes

There's no mistaking the taste and flavour of mortadella and its typical flavour notes. A wide range of basic seasoning mixes is available, with different aromatic solutions to match the percentage and origin of meat cuts.
Meat flavourings with different characteristics and special natural extracts are used to achieve aromatic profiles for each different line of mortadella, enhancing the flavour it gives off as you slice it.