Injected and Restructured Products

“Prosciutto Cotto” (Cooked Ham) is one of the most appreciated Italian cold cuts: characterized by a delicate yet well-defined flavour, it is a cut from muscular parts, preserving their whole original structure.

Nowadays the category of cold cuts often includes “guests” with a foreign accent: bacon, roast beef, turkey, ostrich...

We host them with the same welcoming attitude and we offer them the opportunity to be influenced by and integrated into our cuisine — an Italian rendition as it were.


We also developed a special product line called DELTA. These differ with regard to the percentage of brine added to the product: Delta 20, Delta 40, Delta 50, Delta 70… In order to meet our trade partners' requirements, and therefore the end consumer's as well, we provide mill- and allergen-free variants.


A uniform rose-pink meat colour is obtained by correctly complying with the proper processing protocols and by an accurately weighted amount of preservatives. We control this process by means of rigorous and well-defined mixing procedures. These are followed by a chemical analysis to confirm that the correct mixture composition and the right hue have been obtained.

Specific seasonings

Many seasoning mixes are available, both in powder and liquid form, that may be used to customise one's products by enhancing taste and flavour. Basic flavours which may be enhanced include fine herbs, spices and meat, as required by either market demand or production processes (e.g. when no product weight loss is desdired).

Aromatic notes

Paramount importance is given to the development of custom flavours, because they define the distinguishing taste of a product. In order to differentiate products, smoke and meat flavourings are available, as well as aromatic extracts of spices and fruit, wine and Marsala flavourings.