Fresh Meat Preparations

The most difficult part of our job is to ensure excellent standards of preservation to meat preparations like sausages, hamburgers, etc.

Our most motivating challenge is to limit water losses and so keep the product as juicy as ever, both when fresh and during the cooking process.

As a result we have different ranges of products to suit consumers’ preferences and taste as well as any specific food intolerance.

Basic ingredients

In order to achieve more compactness and reduce water loss both in fresh sausages and during the cooking stage, specific products based on milk derivatives are recommended, such as DELTALAC and COMPOSAL CS. As an alternative you may opt for lactose-free products containing no milk derivatives, such as MIX DRY.
Another range of products, recommended for different kinds of fresh meat preparations, is our SOFBURGER line. They make it easier to measure out ingredients and help sausages keep their even when using modern technology production lines. Meat colour is always preserved within normal distribution times; an appropriate seasoning base adds flavour to a product which is highly popular with youngsters and kids.


In the last few years consumer demand led Fratelli Pagani to devote remarkable efforts to researching new ingredients, so innovative products have joined the existing, well-tested range. In order to obtain the proper colour, natural extracts and natural colouring agents are used, resulting in the development of specific product lines and to different meat percentages in the recipe.
GAMMA mixtures were thus developed to cope with the need to obtain the desired colour, they also help prevent the loss of water, both intrinsically present and added to the minced meat, in traditional or chicken products alike.



Aromatic notes

In order to complete the aromatic profile and to achieve a better flavour, many seasoning mixes are available; they come in powder form and may also be used to obtain a specific taste and flavour.

Starter Cultures

Fresh products are expected to be particularly wholesome and meant for quick consumption, so avoiding adverse microbiological changes is of paramount interest to consumers and retailers alike.
Specific products such as starters and microbiological processes adequately supplement the range of ingredients and help keep the meat bright red longer.