Emulsified, Cooked, Cooked-Smoked and Semi-Smoked Products

These productions of "cooked sausages" are among the best known in Italy and abroad. Various types of meat cuts and processes are used in order to obtain the desired quality of the end product. The mixtures for Wurstel and Pariser, after being blended in a Kutter until they become creamy, are stuffed in natural or synthetic casings and cooked in controlled-humidity ovens.
It is very important to achieve a high quality level in terms of perfect homogeneity and good consistency. The protein level of the end product is very important and the raw materials are not always good enough to achieve it.

Binding and Emulsifiers Agent

The use of calibrated products, such as MIX EMULSIONI, especially prepared to exploit at the best the synergies with the meat, meet the requirements by improving the quality price rate of the end product.
Only very careful research and selection of single ingredients and never-ending tests made possible to obtain specific products, up to the most recent lines of allergen-free and OGM-free ingredients.


A range of extracts and natural dyes are available, to be added directly to the raw mixtures. Specific products are Aroma Sandalo 45223, Aroma Paprika 45023 - 45041 and Rosso Carm 45019.




Specific Seasoning

A wide range of seasonings, mixtures of natural spices and aromatic additives allow to emphasize good technological results. Various products are available, some with smoke notes that "round-up" the flavour and allow to shorten the smoking time. The aromatic additives of this category are marked by the prefix "W", an Italian way to render a different tradition.

Aromatic Notes

Very often it is needed to characterize the product by means of aromatic notes and taste intensifications which vary, in accordance with the use, from meat to smoking notes in different tones, available either in powder or in liquid form. The goal is always the improvement of the organoleptic quality by making the production process constant.