Dry Salami and Dry Sausages

The distinctive flavour of Italian food also involves the appetizing presence of salami and other aged/cured processed meats.

To ensure they are perfectly preserved, they must be dried and their pH (measuring their acidity) must drop somewhat.

It might look an uninteresting technical detail, yet it is essential to obtain that country undertone which will add a special tasty touch to an aperitif or a classy dinner

Basic ingredients

Among their more successful product lines, Fratelli Pagani produce and distribute COMPOSAL, where basic ingredients are grouped according to their different purpose. The amount and type of preserving agents are accurately monitored in all production batches for your peace of mind.
They are available also in a NA (No Allergens) version. MIX COMPLETI (Complete Aromatic Mixes) are yet another very interesting line, a good choice to achieve effective results and simplify the composition of ingredients and flavourings for several types of salami (Felino, Milano, Hungarian, Casareccio, Finocchiona, and many more) and sausage. These too are available in NA version.


The ruby red colour of this meat is obtained by correctly complying with the proper processing protocols and by an accurately weighted amount of preservatives. We control this process by means of rigorous and well-defined mixing procedures. These are followed by a chemical analysis to confirm that the correct mixture composition and the right hue have been obtained.





Aromatic notes

In order to complete the aromatic profile and to achieve a better flavour, many seasoning mixes are available in powdered form to achieve a smoother taste and scent flavour without altering pH values and to maintain the sweetness of a product which is what makes it so typical and appreciated worldwide.




Starter Cultures

Where consistent quality levels are required, and in order to prevent the risk of unwelcome bacterial contamination, our starter cultures are the best choice to supplement all technological and processing efforts.
The careful selection of specific strains for the many diverse Italian cold cuts leads to healthier, evenly coloured products and firmer slices.