1. What do you do? Can you briefly summarize your main tasks?

The main activities of the Flavor Laboratory (also called Skybridge Flavor) involve R&D, development of new flavor profiles in line with the Client’s indications, and product innovation following market trends.

The knowledge, combined with the latest generation of analytical equipment (hplc and gc-ms system) allows the creation of ad hoc flavor profiles in different production forms (liquid, paste, emulsion, powder, spray dried atomized); all this is made possible by the many varieties of flavoring substances available to the Company (molecules, natural molecules, extracts, herbs and spices).

In addition to the development and application of new formulations, Skybridge Flavor is involved in:

  • research, control and evaluation of new raw materials;
  • development of technical documentation (nutritional, technical and safety data sheets);
  • flavor quality control;
  • in-depth study of the regulatory and legislative part inherent to flavorings.
2. What is one strength of your team within the company and how important is collaboration (including with other departments)?

Collaboration and communication within the team are two key aspects.
In addition, the fusion of different competencies creates an excellent and balanced diversity of experiences and skills.

The activity in the flavors field complements the R&D department for the creation of complete blends (the flavor part in combination with the functional part) to offer the Customer a high quality finished product in line with his expectations.
In general, coordination with all other departments (purchasing, orders, production, etc…) is an indispensable element for the success of any project.

3. What skills and abilities are essential to perform in this profession?

Knowledge of flavorings and the flavoring substances that comprise them are fundamental to doing this work. The relationship between the food and the flavor itself is another cornerstone.

Equally important are technical skills, instrumental skills, constant updating and precision.

4. Speaking of optimization and continuous improvement, what improvements have been made internally in the last two years? (e.g.: new colleagues in the team, new working methods, better communication, etc,…)

Among the various improvements made by the Company we can include new technical instrumentation (as mentioned earlier), the implementation of flavors quality control through the creation of a new database, sample archiving, and membership in the flavors and fragrances group (Federchimica) to be constantly updated on the latest industry news.

5. What are your future plans? Thinking about a medium-long term company strategy, how are you acting so that the company objectives can be reached in the best way?

Continuous and constant improvement of personal skills through targeted training courses are an indispensable element of this profession.

The Company has also extended the flavor portfolio to sectors not only strictly related to meat but also to new market segments (seafood, snack, vegan and vegetarian sectors).
Particular attention is paid to the formulation of Allergen-free and natural flavors, features that are increasingly in demand and appreciated by the end consumer.

6. Which of Fratelli Pagani’s values do you identify with the most? Why?
  • Innovative spirit: constant investment in staff training, modernization of technologies and production processes, and methodology of performing business functions enable us to be always aligned with the evolution of the industrial landscape and highly competitive in the market.
  • Versatility: this is one of the winning elements of Fratelli Pagani’s commercial offerings. Just like a tailor, flavors are customized according to the customer’s needs.
7. Finally, if you had to attribute three qualifying adjectives to the Company, what would you say, and why?