Let us learn to make bread!

Bread is the simplest and most common food in all cultures of the world, declined in so many different ways, varieties, colours and tastes.

And just bread is the protagonist of this workshop, where children discover the art of making bread: they make the dough, shape it and then bake it in real ovens together with Milanese bakers. Later, the children can take their bread home – ready to be shared with their own family.
An occasion to get to know other breads of the world and become real bakers for one day!

A workshop organized by the non-profit organisation Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, wich offers primary and free shelter for people who live on the streets or have insufficient funds, in collaboration with the Associazione Panificatori di Milano, and thanks to the support of Fratelli Pagani SpA.

For children aged 5 to 11 years.

The workshops are FREE thanks to the support of Fratelli Pagani; reservations required by calling 02-43980402.