A recent study (by The Future Brand “The Future of Food“) shows how the concept of nutrition is constantly evolving, as well as consumer habits and behaviors, pushing companies and brands to innovate processes and offerings to meet new needs.

The history of food is equal to that of man and with him varies and mute. This is witnessed by the evolution of the definition of the term itself over the centuries: from a simple source of nourishment, food also becomes medicine, a resource that heals and heals. Then it turns into an element of pleasure and exaltation of the taste experience. Today, the idea of food is linked to the concept of balance between taste and health for a perfect diet.

Today more than ever, consumers decide which brands to trust. It’s a trend that has been going on for some years now, and recently we see a concrete and objective awareness on the part of people towards their needs and also their rights. The demand for transparency can no longer be disregarded. Consumers compare and advise each other. They also ask that brands take a stand on important issues, issues ranging from food safety, to respect for the environment up to current political issues.

It is interesting to note that in addition to the “comfort” related to simplicity and speed of purchase and consumption, what determines the preference for one product over another is the quality. Increasingly popular in modern consumers is the motto that says “we are what we eat“; this applies to both the body and the mind. This is why many brands have decided to create products that are good for our bodies and our mood.

The above research shows that the consumer is willing to pay more for products that have better intrinsic quality and/or are offered through better service.

Quality, food safety, and health are three closely related elements that are intertwined in the broader concept of “Food integrity“: healthy, safe and traceable food produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. To raise public awareness and promote the culture of healthy and safe food, the United Nations General Assembly has also proclaimed 7 June as World Food Safety Day since 2018


Fratelli Pagani has always paid particular attention to the issues of quality, protection and promotion of good food and food security.

The Company strictly observes national and international legislation to ensure safe and traceable solutions for the multiple target markets: fish; pasta and savory; organic and vegan. The Company has always acted in full compliance with every quality standard, in terms of safety and sustainability, also ensuring genuine solutions produced with particular attention to statements on the label and concepts related to clean label, rich-in, low-in. A complete certified organic offer is also made possible, thanks to consolidated production reality in the field of organic food, Cerreto Bio Amanti del Biologico, part of the Pagani Group for over 10 years.

Thanks to the supply of raw materials directly to the sources of origin, selected personally and without the help of brokers, the Company selects the best for its customers. Fratelli Pagani’s quality guarantee is also ensured by analyses carried out periodically on raw materials and finished products by the Company’s internal Quality Control laboratory using the highest parameters, in order to offer the customer safe, controlled products that are perfectly in line with the high-quality standards that the company has always promoted.

Among the controls and analyses carried out we include:

  • Supply chain control at the origin – suppliers audit;
  • Production line controls – metal detectors and magnetic traps to control foreign bodies;
  • Chemical analysis – over 1,000;
  • Microbiological analysis – over 3,000;
  • Functional analysis – over 900;
  • External accredited laboratories analysis – over 2.000;
  • COA and COC – over 4,000 with over 6,000 batches analyzed between Raw Materials and Finished Products;
  • Customer Assistance.

Proven expertise: staff of experts and the utmost attention in the selection of products of the highest quality have allowed the Company to establish itself on a national and international scale obtaining the most important certifications in the food sector: BRC Certification according to the Global Food Safety Standard, HALAL product Certification, ICEA product Certification (thanks to a separate production pole), KOSHER product Certification.


To learn more about these issues and find the right solutions both in terms of product quality and to better differentiate your offer, you can contact us through this contact form.

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