Entering Fratelli Pagani in 2015, Cerreto Amanti del Biologico was born in 1976, in Emilia Romagna, a region that loves good food since ever.

At the end of the 1990s Cerreto fully embraced the organic philosophy, with the production and sale of herbs, spices, legumes, soups and vegetable-based preparations, becoming a pioneer of certified organic food in Italy. Subsequently enriching the range with innovative products, including mixes, preparations for ready-to-eat preparations and vegan solutions. Today the company has 8 mixing and packaging lines, and all products are 100% organic certified. A wide range constantly updated and marketed, in over 2000 store in Italy and abroad. Controls and check-up on raw materials are handled internally and externally, by validated and accredited laboratories. Cerreto operates in compliance with specific international lows, guaranteeing consumers quality and food safety. Organic Certification has always been the essential standard. Cerreto has obtained the BRC Food and IFS Food certifications with the highest level.