Fratelli Pagani chooses Eurocryor: a winning alliance to promote taste, design and functionality

The collaboration between Fratelli Pagani and Epta, a multinational Company specialising in commercial refrigeration, continues with a focus on new trends in meat display. Thanks to the use of high-impact refrigerated furnishings that combine aesthetics with innovative technologies, an improvement in meat preservation is achieved: an example is Eurocryor, a brand of the Epta group that proposes solutions capable of enhancing the freshness of references, also thanks to innovative solutions such as Dynamic System. Dynamic System is an Epta technology that allows goods to be left for several days in the counters, without having to store them in the refrigerated cells overnight and maintaining the freshness and organoleptic characteristics of the products unaltered. Dynamic System is a patented system, successfully implemented by Epta, and dedicated to Eurocryor’s assisted, remote and built-in unit refrigerated meat counter models.

Greater attention is also paid to gourmet preparations, for which dry ageing and maturation chambers are applied, to allow the consumer to replicate at home the recipes enjoyed at the restaurant. The Eurocryor branded solutions proposed by Epta are many and respond above all to the needs of retailers and butchers to enhance the purchasing experience: refrigerated counters provide a guaranteed result, thanks to patented technologies and systems that improve meat preservation and maximise sales in butcher shops and meat departments.

Restaurants inside butcher shops: a format that is already trendy

Among the new international trends is the restaurant-butcher’s shop, designed to appeal to the senses and ensure a unique shopping experience. In the same location, in fact, the combination of a top butcher’s shop and an area dedicated to the tasting of freshly cooked meat takes place: the end result is a celebration of the product, thanks to perfect cooking, perfectly preserved cuts and classily furnished rooms.

As a pioneer of clean label solutions, Fratelli Pagani is able to offer versatile, complete and top-quality products in line with national and international market trends, created and developed for every production need. The proposed offer includes complete, clean label blends and also concentrates for ‘smart’ dosages, selected herbs and spices and starter cultures.
Pagani Chef also supports butchers and small and medium-sized industries in the processing and transformation of meat products with a quality offer: exclusive ingredients and flavourings and versatile and complete high yield products.

Exaltation of ingredients, food safety and sustainability are the key words of the successful collaboration between Fratelli Pagani, Pagani Chef and Eurocryor, where innovation and elegance of design meet Made in Italy excellence in the production of exclusive flavourings and ingredients for the meat industry and beyond.

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